4x4 Dyno test bench

ATM = customized chip tuning, test bench tests, a lot of experience and modifications from € 800. All chip tuning software has been developed and tested via our own test bench.

ATM Chip tuning 4x4 Dyno test bench

The Dutch branch of Baarn and the Belgian branch of Houthalen of ATM-Chiptuning have a 4x4 Dynostar Power Test Bench that can measure the power of vehicles up to 1340 HP and braked 4900 Nm of torque. This up to a speed of 350 km / h. The Dutch branch in Rotterdam and the Belgian branch in Sint-Lenaarts have a two-wheel power test bench. The modern cars can only be measured with a linked 4x4 test bench. This is due to the fact that with normal 2-wheel driven power test benches, the ABS and Traction control come in, so that no measurements are made. Even when they are disabled.

Dynostar test bench

Dynostar W4X
The Dynostar Model W4X All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) rolling road is an advanced, robust and comprehensive power test bench , specially designed for professional use. The adjustable wheelbase from 2000 mm to no less than 3500 mm makes the test bench suitable for testing almost all cars. The W4X model works according to the rolling road principle. The front and rear roller set are synchronized with a power train. Thanks to this feature, even 2WD vehicles equipped with ABS, ESP and ASR can be tested without any problems. This power test bench can measure a maximum of 1000Kw for short periods and 485Kw for continuous measurements.

Dynostar MRC1000
The Dynostar MRC1000 MK2 is a mobile and powerful power test bench. The power test bench can dynamically measure up to a power of 505Kw and statically up to 275Kw. This up to a speed of 275 km / h. The Dynostar MRC1000 MK2 is a maintenance-free, advanced and mobile power test bench with roller drive and thanks to its innovative mobile frame the power test bench is easy to move and can be used in almost any place.

ATM 4x4 test bench


Your extra power black on white

A power run gives ATM the ability to show you in black and white how much power and pulling power your vehicle has. In addition, any defects and wear may come to the fore. ATM can always take the condition of the car into account when developing the software. At ATM you are always assured of custom-made chip tuning.

Test bench, the test in steps

  1. Your car goes on the power test bench and undergoes an analysis. You see in black and white how many horsepower and Nm your car currently has for the adjustment.
  2. The software is developed on the basis of the analysis and then read back into the car;
  3. Your car is put on the test bench for a second time. You will see on the screen how many horsepower and Nm your car has after chip tuning, you will receive a report.