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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage with OBD chip tuning?

    No more soldering work is required in the ECU engine driver, making the software quick and easy to install.
    The engine driver program can easily be returned to its original state.
    The adjustments cannot be traced by the diagnostic systems of the authorized dealers.

What is OBD chip tuning?

    OBD chip tuning stands for On Board Diagnostics chip tuning. This is the simplest and most applied way to extract the software from the car's ECU. The data from the engine management is read out via a fault diagnosis plug and subsequently changed.

For which types of cars does chip tuning provide an optimum return?

    Chip tuning gives the best results with (gasoline or diesel) engines with turbo, compressor or G-loader.

Can every car be equipped with chip tuning?

    Most modern cars with an engine management system, where the engine is controlled by an Electronic Control Unit (ECU), can be equipped with chip tuning.

What is chip tuning?

    Chip tuning is adjusting or influencing the engine management software. The parameters of the engine management software are re-tuned, but with more ideal values. For example, the amount of fuel that can be injected and at what time this happens is adjusted and optimized. The adjusted parameters remain within the limits specified by the manufacturer.